Our Practice Areas


An alternative to resolving a dispute at trial; where a neutral professional acts as a “judge” and makes rulings on the law, the facts and the ultimate decision in dispute.

Business Law

Creation of limited liability companies (“LLC”) and corporations; contract creation, negotiation and disputes; general employment contracts, and non-compete contracts, anti-piracy employment contracts.

Civil Litigation

The handling of a dispute in the court system, utilizing the specialized procedures to obtain and investigate the facts and law needed for trial, the discovery of facts from parties and witnesses, utilization of expert witnesses where necessary, preparing and responding to motions to address evidentiary and legal issues which arise before and during trial, preparation for trial, and trial to a jury or judge. “Civil” litigation matters are those disputes between individuals and businesses which do not involve the prosecution of crimes.

Commercial Litigation

Disputes requiring resolution which arise out of business arguments such as contract disagreements, employment disputes, commercial landlord-tenant problems.

Conservatorships / Guardianship

The process of creating the legally recognized method to care for the financial and physical affairs of a person unable to care for themselves, such as children and the elderly.


Questions, issues and disputes which involve construction contracts, the lack of a written contract, changes in construction contracts, cost and payment disagreements, delays in the beginning of construction and in the completion of construction projects, warranties, poor workmanship, and construction defects.

Family Law

Prenuptial agreements, community property and sole and separate property ownership issues, legal separations, divorce, legal decision making authority for children, custody, post-divorce modifications of parenting time, modifications of child support, modifications of spousal maintenance, termination of support, and parenting time problems (formerly known as “visitation”).

Landlord – Tenant

Questions, issues and disputes which involve rental agreements for individuals or businesses, such as rights and obligations in the absence of a written lease agreement, improvements made to the rented property, payment issues, property maintenance issues, health and safety issues, lease renewals, terminations, and evictions.


An alternative to resolving a dispute at trial; where a neutral and trained professional person attempts to reach a compromise resolution acceptable to the disputing parties.

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

Injuries and death resulting from the negligent conduct of another person or business, such as automobile accidents, trips and falls on business and residential properties, injuries from animals, injuries from machinery, tools and equipment, injuries from food products, injuries to reputation from libel, slander and defamation of individuals and businesses.

Probate Law

The legal process of handling a person’s financial affairs after death, including the acquisition and distribution of money and assets by means of affidavits, or the simple or more complicated court supervised handling of the financial affairs after death.

Real Estate

Questions, issues, and disputes which involve the ownership, acquisition and sale of real property, easements and permissive use of the property, disputed ownership and title, sale-related disclosure of problems with the land or improvements, landlord-tenant issues, injuries which occur on property, construction related matters, homestead exemptions.

Special Taxing Districts

Representation of statutorily created governmental entities known as special taxing districts for the creation and operation of such public entities as wastewater systems, water distribution systems, road improvement and maintenance districts, sanitary districts, and hospital districts.

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives

Preparation and application of powers of attorney for an individual’s financial matters, powers of attorney for healthcare decisions and end-of-life decisions, and simple wills.

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